Windows Server Technical Preview Hyper-V – A Few Things

IT Engineer insert a Blade Server in Data Center Besides not knowing the final name of Windows Server Technical Preview (Windows Server 2016, or perhaps Windows Server TP) here are a few things coming with this release of Hyper-V that I am looking forward to with Microsoft’s latest OS.

First, finally being able to hot add/remove a vNIC or RAM. This isn’t shaking the world of virtualization, but it sure is terrible when you want to add a vNIC and you have to take a server offline. Thank you Microsoft.

Second, moving Integration Services into Windows Updates will be great to help automate the upgrades with centralized management tools and put more control with the server administrators.

Third, the ability to add the latest Hyper-V server to an existing Hyper-V 2012 R2 cluster. This will make it a lot less of an ordeal to roll a client up to the next OS.

Lastly, Production Checkpoints. They have made this the default checkpoint, but have left the option for the standard one. They are stating that it will be able to create a “point in time” image of a VM that can be restored in a way that is completely supported for all production workloads. Using VSS inside Windows and flushing the system buffers on Linux to create a file consistent checkpoint. I would still advise to backup your SQL databases before upgrades. 🙂