MCSE Server Infrastructure Recertification 70-980

It’s been nearly 3 years since I obtained my MCSE in Server Infrastructure and Private Cloud, and now they are both set to expire within the next 45 days. I am in cram mode as I have procrastinated and now I am looking to the community for some advice. I am weighing between trying to cram Exam 413 and Exam 414 again or if it is more efficient to go through the exam topics from the official exam page and just read the associated TechNet articles for each topic.

For example:

Plan and deploy Virtual Machine Manager services (

So, far I am leaning to the exam topics and TechNet to refill my brain on the need to know information. It is hard to tell how hard it will be to remember some of the nitty gritty. I would appreciate comments from anyone willing to share some advice, and especially if you didn’t procrastinate and have passed the 70-980 exam.


I have also posted in the Born To Learn forums if you would like to contribute there for the broader community:

I have reached out to some resources to see if they have any advice, and I am curious if there is any extensions like we can get on our taxes. 😉



3 thoughts on “MCSE Server Infrastructure Recertification 70-980

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  2. Hi Ben, I am in a similar position, looking to renew my MCSE: Server Infrastructure, how have you been getting on? Have you taken 70-980 yet?

    • I just passed the 70-980… On the 4th try. It was essentially a combination of the 412 and 413. I waited too long to start studying and had a short time to pass it. Good news is if your MCSE goes inactive you can still pass the 70-980 and reactivate it. That is until they update the MCSE exams which could be any day but I’m thinking October-December. Ignite may let us know. Hope this helps.

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